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La Fantaisie has been designed as a lush enclave in the city centre. The hotel awakens the senses, creating an harmonious environment where nature and pleasure go hand in hand. Fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere – this is what La Fantaisie is all about.

Our hotel relays the animation of the market street outside, taps into the daily life of the hip Faubourg Montmartre neighbourhood, and invites you to join in. Simultaneously, La Fantaisie is a tranquil, green paradise where nature takes full rein.



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Opening out onto Rue Cadet, the hotel is not just a destination for travellers, but a meeting place for locals and connoisseurs of the area. Tapping into the local rhythm, La Fantaisie engages with the village feel of this young and bohemian district in the heart of the historic centre.

The abundance of food shops and independent boutiques creates a welcoming ambiance, which our café – with its terrace directly on the street – diffuses in turn.

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Martin Brudnizki is a Swedish interior architect and product designer, based in both London and New York. In 2000, he founded Martin Brudnizki Design Studio in London, before opening a New York studio in 2012. Specialising in restaurants, bars, hotels and private clubs, Martin is the creative genius behind the interiors of the world's most desirable places.



As you walk up to our entrance, imagine this bustling road overflowing with melons, beans, lettuces and strawberries... During the reign of Charles IX, master gardeners Jean and Jacques Cadet transformed the land our hotel sits on into abundant market gardens by repurposing the street’s rubbish dumps as fertiliser to grow their vegetables.

Today, the Cadet brothers are memorialised in the name of the street and our own lush greenery, a subtle nod at their verdant work. By building on this heritage, our open-air garden leverages a unique hospitality concept that offers quiet peace and bold abundance. In this way, we are both a haven with comfortable rooms and a spa as well as a playground of restaurants and bars that encourage socialising, wining and dining.

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