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Dedicated to relaxation and wellbeing, the spa’s ethos is based on a holistic approach with its baths inspired by ancient healing rituals and the curative power of underground springs. In partnership with the Parisian brand Holidermie, the spa offers a wide range of holistic treatments.


Baths, Saunas & Hammam

Here, in the spa, guests come to purify and regenerate, to find peace and tranquillity. The experience is global; You can indulge in a hot bath; unwind in the large jacuzzi; plunge into a cold bath, recharge your batteries in a mineral water pool; or rediscover the joys of the sauna and hammam followed by cold water fountains and crushed ice.

tailor-made experiences to restore balance.

At Holidermie, beauty is a global concept. It is based on personalized rituals combining mixed, clean and antioxidant cosmetics, food supplements and beauty tools. The brand exports its lifestyle vision of Inside&Out beauty beyond the skin through an innovative line where skincare products, creative beauty nutrition and wellness are all one. Our rituals target the cellular oxidation that causes accelerated skin aging. 

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Our spa also features a gym with the latest equipments. Enjoy a moment for yourself and get in shape. Our professional team is present to give advice during the sessions.

treatment journeys

Embark on a holistic beauty journey with our treatments and baths, in the heart of Paris...

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We believe everyone deserves a beautiful skin.

Holidermie was born of Mélanie Hyunh's desire to share her holistic experiences gained during travels in California, Australia and Asia. Her beauty rituals were acquired over more than 20 years in contact with the most cutting-edge and visionary experts, and her family culture that uses Chinese medicine.

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Become a member of La Fantaisie family and get access to the spa, the restaurants and other areas of the hotel.

What you'll get

  • Access to baths, sauna and hammam
  • Access to the gym
  • Membership card
  • Invitations to private events
  • Private sports classes
  • Preferred rates
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