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Experience the bohemian spirit of the ancient city through the lens of contemporary luxury.

Opening 2024

rooms Casa Monti Roma
36 rooms
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Bar Cafè
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Rooftop bar
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inside the hotel Casa Monti Romaoutside Casa Monti Romabar Casa Monti Romastreets Casa Monti Roma

A five-star hotel with a storied rooftop bar and a picture-perfect terrace restaurant, Casa Monti is the artist’s residence reimagined and opened to the world. All with the city of Rome as muse. Casa Monti celebrates the art of the dolce vita.

Our history

Like rings in a tree, Rome’s monuments and ruins, faded opulence and surviving grandeur demonstrate centuries of change.

At the vanguard of this reinvention are Rome’s craftspeople, a lot just as resilient as Rome herself. Residing primarily in Monti, they have remade the city time and time again all while basking in the joys of life’s simple pleasures.

The bohemian lifestyle that flourished around them is now synonymous with Rome’s first rione.

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location Casa Monti Roma

Our Neighborhood

Rome’s first ward is tucked between busy Via Cavour and Via Nazionale, east of the Forum. If not as well known to tourists as districts like Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Navona, it is arguably more Roman.

Over the years, the neighbourhood has become a haven for up-and-coming artisans, with many restaurants, grocery shops, art galleries and wine bars opening around Via Panisperna and Piazza della Madonna dei Monti.

Monti is a hidden gem that feels far away for the noisy and overly touristic areas of the city, yet close to every sights in Rome. Simply put, it’s the most charming Roman neighbourhood.

our interior design

The queen of colour, Laura Gonzalez is known for creating bold interiors without compromising on the spirit of place. Instead of adhering to one specific style, she takes a dynamic approach by drawing on countless references and mixing unexpected genres.

For Casa Monti, Gonzalez was inspired by Rome’s bohemian life and the Italian notion of sprezzatura, a feeling of relaxed ease and effortless cool. Imbued with her trademark colourful style, all our interiors feel personal and carefully composed, yet never contrived.

interior design Casa Monti Roma
home design Casa Monti Roma

make yourself at home

The Home of the artist will open its doors in 2024.

rooms & suites Casa Monti Roma

Rooms & suites

Anchored in local life, Casa Monti is a charming 36-room hotel with a bohemian, poetic style. The hotel offers 26 rooms and 10 suites, between 20 and 55sqm.

wine and dine Casa Monti Roma

Wine and dine

A full lifestyle offering with a bar, patio and restaurant with terrace on the ground floor, and a rooftop bar with stunning views over the city.

relax Casa Monti Roma


Sit back and relax on our one-of-a-kind rooftop spa.

patio & bar Casa Monti Roma

Patio & Bar

The patio and bar on the ground floor will be the place for a perfect moment, from dawn to dusk.

Bar nel Cielo Casa Monti Roma

Bar nel Cielo

An intimate rooftop bar and a terrace featuring cosy and colorful banquettes and impressive views of the Palatino and the Roman rooftops.